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When Buying Curtains, You Must Pay Attention To Its Texture

Curtains are an indispensable soft decoration. A suitable curtain can not only block sunlight or protect privacy, but also decorate the indoor environment, so people attach great importance to the choice of curtains. There are many home curtain fabrics on the market, such as: linen, cotton and linen, polyester and flannel, etc. When buying curtains, you must pay attention to its texture, and then buy according to your own preferences.

1. Linen Curtains

Linen curtains are rich in color, thin and firm, and have good air permeability. They are refreshing and pleasant to use in summer, and have a drapey feeling, which is more beautiful; but they are easy to wrinkle and have poor shading.

2. Cotton and linen curtains

Cotton curtains have good air permeability and water absorption, so they feel soft and comfortable, and they are easy to wash and replace; they are easy to wrinkle.

3. Polyester curtains

The vertical feel of polyester curtains is also OK, not easy to wrinkle or shrink, and relatively easy to take care of; the texture is a little worse, not enough.

4. Chenille curtains

Chenille curtains have a heavy texture, and the surface is thick and thin, making the curtains uneven, three-dimensional, comfortable, and very thick, with a drapey feeling; lack of elasticity, easy to wrinkle after cleaning, color fastness is not high, easy fade.

5. Flannel curtains

Flannel curtains are soft to the touch, strong drape, and warm to the touch. In recent years, home curtain fabrics have become very popular; they are easy to hang dust, and they will shrink after washing. Pay attention to it. When cleaning, it is difficult to clean because of the thick fabric.

6. Yarn curtains

The gauze curtain has a good texture and strong air permeability, which is very suitable for creating an atmosphere; it has weak shading and is more easily damaged.

7. Wool Curtains

Curtains made of wool have a good feel and can withstand strong light exposure, and are mostly used in bedrooms; but they are more expensive and shrink after washing.

A simple pair of curtains, but many functions. Not only can it protect privacy, adjust the light and indoor temperature, but also use thick, velvet curtains to absorb noise, and to a certain extent, it has the effect of sound shielding and noise prevention.

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