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What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying Silk Curtains?

Silk curtains hang beautifully and have a good texture. They are high-end home textiles. With the improvement of people's income level, silk curtains have entered more ordinary families. So what do you need to pay attention to when buying silk curtain fabrics, let's take a look!

1. Broken silk and broken holes: Broken silk is the breaking of silk warp and weft yarns. Sometimes the silk heads are exposed, sometimes hidden, but tiny voids can be seen in the fabric. The holes in the silk surface are called holes when two or more warp and weft threads are broken. This defect not only affects the aesthetics but also affects the use value.

2. Double wire: Warp and weft are woven sides by side. The surface of the fabric has the appearance of thick warp yarns and thick weft yarns. Generally, the lighter ones do not affect usage.

3. Skip silk: The warp and weft yarns do not conform to their fabric structure, and the silk surface will produce longer floating silk, which is called skip silk. Jumping the wire for a long time will cause disconnection and affect the use.

4. Spider web: The warp and weft yarns on the silk surface have more floating yarns or more floating yarns in warp and weft yarns. These defects not only affect the appearance but also affect the use.

5. Hemming: Some parts of the silk edge are damaged due to pulling. Although the grade is reduced, the impact on the production of the finished product is minimal.

6. Uneven density of warp and weft: The uneven density of warp and weft on the silk surface causes the fabric to look unsightly or skewed. This defect affects the production of garments but can be used for other garments.

7. Impurities or spots: Due to various reasons, small insects, sundries, mildew spots, watermarks, oil stains, etc. will appear on the silk surface. Small insects and mildew spots are serious defects that can affect the quality of silk. Others can be determined according to specific conditions and use, especially the defects generated in the printing and dyeing process, which mainly affect the appearance, but have little effect on the physical and chemical properties.

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