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What Is Curtain Fabric Tape ?

When installing curtains at home, you may see that there will be a curtain sewn together on top of it, called curtain tape, what is curtain tape? What does it do?


What is curtain tape?


1. Curtain tape refers to the top of the curtain, combined with the curtain cloth, it can mainly strengthen the strength of the curtain cloth, usually non-woven fabrics are used. If there is no cloth belt, it will not take shape when hung.


2. There are many curtain fabrics, such as non-woven tapes or non-woven tapes, and transparent tape. If you use a woven tape material, it will be stronger and more durable. . The cost of the non-woven belt is relatively low, and the transparent belt can choose some curtain fabrics that are more transparent. The combination of the two will have a better effect.


3. To install the curtain cloth tape, we need to combine it with hooks. The premise is that the distance between the hooks is calculated. It is necessary to choose the right hook. If the hook is rusted, it should be replaced in time to avoid contaminating the curtain fabric.


4. In actual use, the number of inserted gussets can generally be 3 or 4. It is necessary to adjust the number of lanyard slots between the two hooks, so as to form beautiful folds.


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