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What Are The Dangers Of Blackout Curtains?

Many people will always be woken up by the glare of the sun outside the window when they are resting, which leads to a bad mood throughout the day. If blackout curtains are installed at home at this time, they can effectively block the sun from the window from entering the room, but many people worry about shading Curtains will cause harm when used, so what are the hazards of blackout curtains? How to choose blackout curtains? Let's take a look with me below!

1. What are the hazards of blackout curtains?

In order to achieve a good shading effect for blackout curtains, the number of fabric layers is generally more than two layers. The more fabric layers, the more coatings are used. After a long period of sunlight, it will produce a pungent smell; The blackout curtains purchased are of poor quality and will emit a lot of toxic gases, which will affect the health of yourself and your family.

Second, how to choose blackout curtains

1. When buying blackout curtains, you can smell the smell of the blackout curtains first. If the blackout curtains are made with chemical ingredients, it will emit a pungent smell. Therefore, when choosing blackout curtains, you can smell the blackout first. The smell of the curtains is used to make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the blackout curtains.

2. When buying blackout curtains, not only are the curtains required to have a good sunshade effect, but also to have a good appearance. If the bedroom is facing south, it is recommended to choose a blackout curtain with a layer of translucent gauze when purchasing blackout curtains. Pull the gauze curtains during the day, not only for sun protection but also for beauty.

3. When choosing blackout curtains, you can face the blackout curtains to the light, because the main function of blackout curtains is to block the light. If the blackout curtains have a good shading effect, the quality of the general products is also good, but if the blackout curtains face the light Finally, there is light coming out, indicating that the quality of the curtain is relatively poor.

Summary: I will introduce the relevant content about the hazards of blackout curtains here. As for whether the blackout curtains will affect human health, it depends on the quality of the blackout curtains purchased. Good-quality blackout curtains are generally not harmful to human health. Therefore, when purchasing blackout curtains, you must pay more attention! We are a professional thick curtains manufacturer, if you are interested in the products, please contact us.

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