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Three Keys To Choosing Decorative Curtains

Curtains not only play a role in blocking the view of the house but also play a lot of decorative effects. The choice of curtains is still very particular, and the choice is not good, but it will have an impact on the home.

1. First of all, choosing the color of the curtains is the key. Fashionable fabric curtains are either luxurious or simple, and their patterns are usually based on the shapes of plants, flowers and plants, and then integrated into the different artistic shapes and unique creative designs of designers. Some of the more popular novel patterns with round and broken flowers. The colors of the curtains are mainly white, red, green, and blue. It is worth noting that when choosing colors, in addition to personal feelings and preferences for color patterns, we should also pay attention to matching the pattern and color of the home.

2. The style of the curtain has the finishing touch. Now there are several styles of curtains, such as drape, wave, flat pull, knot, half hanging, and up and down the opening. Different styles are suitable for different windows. Such as the flat-pull type is relatively monotonous, suitable for small-area windows, and generally used for kitchen and bathroom windows; the lintel type has a good decorative effect, it can cover the rougher curtain rods, making the interior more tidy and beautiful; This style is suitable for windows with a width of fewer than 1.5 meters; the stretched window fixed curtains are put on the two curtain rails up and down respectively, and then the curtain rails are fixed on the window frame, generally suitable for bathrooms or toilet.

3. The texture of curtains is also very important when purchasing curtains. The texture of these curtains should be selected according to the different functions of the room: for example, in the bathroom and kitchen, we should choose fabrics that are practical, easy to wash, and can withstand steam and grease pollution. The style should be simple and smooth; the living room and dining room should choose luxurious and beautiful fabrics, such as European-style velvet curtains; the study curtains should have good light transmission performance and be bright, such as silk curtains; the bedroom curtains should be thick, warm and safe, such as Choose a fabric with a light-blocking coating on the back. Pay attention when purchasing: these textured fabrics have a certain shrinkage rate. When purchasing, "should be looser" and type out the shrunk size. At present, there is no standard for shrinkage in my country, and the standard implemented in Europe is 3% to 5%. Therefore, you should ask clearly when purchasing.

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