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There Are Many Ways To Hang Curtains

Generally speaking, there are three types of windows: half windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, and bay windows. Therefore, when we choose curtains, we must match the curtains according to the type of windows we have.

There are generally three types of curtain hanging methods, flat pull type, lift type, and open and close type, all of which have corresponding window types.

Casement: Casement curtains are the most common style, the most basic, and are suitable for all types of windows. However, because of the different curtain rods, there are still some differences in some characteristics, and the applicable windows are also different.

  Roman Rod: A straight rod on which to hang curtains, suitable for straight windows in a single plane, not for L or U-shaped windows. And there is no need to make additional curtain boxes during decoration.

Hook track: A small pulley is hung on the top of the curtain to slide in the preset track. This is very friendly to thicker fabric curtains, and it is smooth and labor-saving to pull. Under normal circumstances, it will be used with a curtain box, but there are also cases where it is not used.

For some special-shaped windows, the curtains hung by the hook track are the first choice. It can customize the curtain track to the corresponding shape of the window, which is more common in balcony windows or bay windows.

Lifting type: the curtains are retracted up and down, which are mostly roller blinds and Roman blinds, which are often seen in Japanese decoration styles, and can be used for bay windows and half windows. Tips: Large floor-to-ceiling windows should be used with caution!

Opening and closing type: the common ones are blinds or blinds. For home use, the materials are mostly aluminum-plastic, and there are also wooden ones. For small windows, it is very suitable to use Venetian blinds. When the afternoon sunlight comes in obliquely, the light in the whole room will be very soft and beautiful.

Let me talk about the material of the curtains at home.

Curtains are made of cotton, linen, velvet, high-precision, etc., but most of the curtains on the market are made of polyester fiber or polyester fiber blended fabrics. Polyester fiber is what we commonly call "polyester". Even those that look like cotton and linen are polyester. Using it to make curtains has the advantages of being crisp, durable, anti-wrinkle, drape, and non-sticky. Pilling shrinks, and it is also more durable and easier to care than linen. It is very suitable for making curtains, so you don't have to worry too much about the material selection.

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