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Teach You How To Match Curtains From Three Aspects

Curtains are an important part of our home's soft furnishings. Curtains can not only block light but also play a role in privacy. If the curtains are selected well, they can also enhance the style and temperament of the entire home. But if you don't choose it well, you can ruin the appearance of your new home in minutes!

Today, the custom curtains factory will share with you how to choose curtains. Analyze it from the material, color, wrinkle degree, and height. If your home is being renovated, welcome to collect it.

1. How to choose the curtain material?

The fabrics of curtains are mainly divided into pure cotton, cotton linen, linen, polyester, silk, velvet, satin, chenille, nylon, PVC, bamboo wood, and so on.

Material selection suggestions:

1. Living room: It is recommended to choose curtains with good light transmissions, such as Venetian blinds, pure cotton, cotton linen, linen, gauze curtains, and soft gauze curtains. The combination of sheer curtains + blackout curtains is more commonly used in the living room.

2. Study room: The Venetian blinds are good, the light can be adjusted at any time, and the light transmission is good.

3. Bathroom and kitchen: It is recommended to choose Venetian blinds, which have good mildew resistance.

4. Bedroom: It is recommended to choose curtains with good light-shielding and sound-proof effects, such as flannelette, cotton, silk, and velvet, which are afraid of light, and you can add a layer of blackout curtains.

5. Balcony: The gauze curtain has a good light transmission and is suitable for the balcony to increase the lazy atmosphere of the balcony.

2. How to choose the color of the curtains?

The easiest way: choose a wild color is not easy to make mistakes

It is not easy to make mistakes in choosing a versatile color. The versatile color refers to white, beige, camel, and gray, no matter what style your home is, basically it goes well.

The way to shine: choose the same color as the background wall

The color of the curtains should be in the same color system as the background wall, and the color is recommended to be darker or lighter than the wall, so that a layered color is more beautiful.

A unique way: match with the main furniture of the space

If the wall is white, you can choose according to the color of the main furniture or accessories in the space, such as sofas, hanging pictures, pillows, bedding, etc., and choose similar colors, so that the whole space will be more coordinated.

3. The height and folds of the curtains

If you want to make the height and folds of the curtains look good, you must also have skills. Pay attention to the following points. The curtains are not only beautiful but also save money.

1. Curtain height

If the family is large, you can consider filling the entire window with curtains, while for a small family, it is suitable to only install windows, which will not be cumbersome to increase the refreshing feeling, and save money. The living room and bedroom can hang down to the floor, and it is recommended to install island windows in other spaces.

2. Curtain wrinkle degree

Curtain folds generally have 1.5-2 times, and the folds are not the bigger the better. Large folds appear three-dimensional, and fold facets have a stronger sense of plane. The larger the fold, the stronger the sense of thickness. It is recommended to choose a fold of 1.5 times for the Nordic modern style, 2 times for the European style and neoclassical style, and 1.8 times for the American style and light luxury style.

Curtains are very important to control the overall style of the home, so you must choose them well. Welcome to share how to design and match the curtains in your home.

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