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Teach You How To Choose The Right Curtains

For a family, the curtain part is very important. It can not only control indoor light and protect privacy but also affect its own sleep. Today I will teach you how to choose the right curtains for your home!

curtain color

1. The same color as the wall color, slightly darker or lighter color is better

It's easy to understand. If your walls are gray, your curtains should be dark gray; if your walls are white, your curtains should be beige; if your walls are beige, your curtains should be apricot, and so on. For example, the walls are off-white and the curtains are white.

2. Similar to the second color at home

The second color in the home refers to the color of the furniture other than the floor and walls. For example, the color of coffee tables, TV cabinets, sofas, and even the color of decorations, as well as the color matching of curtains, sometimes produce unexpected effects.

Curtain style

There are many styles of curtains on the market, including solid colors, colored edges, inconsistent upper and lower colors, and inconsistent vertical colors.

If there are many decorations in the home, it is recommended to choose solid colors;

If there is not much decoration, you can choose the color edge;

If the walls of the home are colored, you can choose a color similar to the wall in the lower half, and choose light-colored curtains in the upper half, the house will appear wider;

The vertical stripes that like to jump are also good, but they are easy to play with, and those with low artistic levels should choose carefully.


There are not many choices of fabrics, generally, it depends on your own needs.

If you like to keep your curtains black, choose polyester;

If you like small and fresh, then linen or cotton, light-transmitting but shrinking;

If the pursuit of feeling, then try the noble velvet.


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