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Is It True That Blackout Curtains At Home Are Toxic?

Blackout curtains are a kind of curtains that can block the sun. Now with the continuous development of the curtain industry, there are more and more styles of blackout curtains, which not only have the function of shading but also have a good decorative effect, which is very popular.


The advantage of blackout curtains is shading and heat insulation, but its disadvantage is that they will smell of formaldehyde. If the work of removing formaldehyde is not done well, it may have a bad effect on the human body. Therefore, everyone must do a good job of ventilation for the blackout curtains just used.


1. In short, a blackout curtain is a kind of curtain with a blackout function made of decorative cloth design and sewing. Conventional blackout curtains are replaced with opaque or thickened fabrics on the basis of traditional curtains, so as to realize the basic control of light and achieve the effect of blackout.


2. The biggest feature of blackout curtains is shading. Blackout curtains of any material have the effect of shading, but the blackout curtains on the market have not yet reached a 100% refractive index. The current blackout curtains can eliminate 80% of ultraviolet radiation. At the same time, the blackout curtains also have the advantages of light transmission and ventilation. Some blackout curtains with relatively transparent materials can even see the outdoor scenery.


3. Everything is single-sided but double-sided. It is not just rumored that blackout curtains are poisonous. This is mainly related to the material of blackout curtains. At present, the blackout curtains on the market are mainly divided into two types: physical blackout and chemical blackout. The physical blackout curtains only add a layer of blackout fabric to the original curtains, which are green and environmentally friendly. However, chemical shading curtains are an additional coating on the outside of the curtains. Due to the use of glue, the curtains have some irritating odors, and naturally, they cannot be completely non-toxic.


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