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How To Judge The Shading Rate Of Curtains?

Generally speaking, if the interior of the home is relatively bright, especially in the sunlight, you can use curtains to block it. How to judge the shading rate of curtains?

As far as the current technology is concerned, there is no uniform test method for curtain shading in the world, but a judgment method that meets the requirements of the International Commission on Illumination - the "transmission box method" can be used to measure the shading rate of fabrics. The test practice on different fabrics shows that the method is simple and feasible, and the test data is comparable to a certain extent.

The living room emphasizes enough natural light, so the shading rate of the curtains does not need to be too high, as long as it meets the functions of heat insulation and dust prevention, generally around 40%-60% is sufficient. In order to meet the sleep function, the choice of curtains pays more attention to practicality. Natural light is very beneficial to human health, so full blackout curtains are generally not recommended. Most people's bedroom curtains have a shading degree of more than 70%, which can already be protected from sunlight.

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