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How To Choose The Color Of Curtains?

Curtains are not only a simple piece of cloth, it is an important element that can beautify the interior, and they can also create a partition of private space. If you say that the curtains are not selected correctly, it is very likely to ruin the appearance of the entire room. This sentence can be true.


Today, I will talk to you about which colors of curtains can not only enhance the appearance of the house but also create a high-level romantic feeling.


If the home is decorated in a pastoral style, green curtains will be very suitable, dragging the natural atmosphere of the home to the extreme. In addition, as long as the American style, European style, modern style, and simple style are matched properly, you can also choose green curtains. However, when the decoration style of the home is Chinese, it is necessary to choose green curtains carefully.


At the same time, it is recommended not to choose too fresh green. Because the area of ​​the curtains is generally large, too fresh green will affect the eyesight for a long time, and it is easy to cause visual fatigue. Try a dark green or light green. Dark green can enhance the aura of the room and has a calm feeling.


If you use yellow curtains in the room, it will immediately make your home lazy and leisurely. The use of yellow in a large area at home will make people feel dizzy, but yellow is a very good choice for embellishment and decoration. Just a little bit can be heartwarming. If you want to emphasize the refreshing atmosphere of light colors, it is most suitable to use yellow curtains on a white wall. The high-grade gray is the high-grade color in the past two years, and it can also draw a different temperament when matched with yellow.


Purple is a mysterious, romantic, and noble color. Although it is a little heavy, as long as the matching is reasonable, you can have a kind of splendidness in Provence, France, wandering in lavender. Using purple curtains in a large space will not look depressing, but also create a sense of luxury. However, when the interior decoration effect is general, it is not suitable to use purple curtains.


If your living room decoration is relatively simple, you can add a matching curtain, such as white curtains, which also has the effect of promoting strengths and avoiding weaknesses. White looks generous, graceful, and elegant, giving people a relaxed and happy feeling. It can penetrate the sunlight very well, giving people a hazy feeling. The color selection focuses on coordination. Such a versatile color looks a little ordinary alone, but when paired with furniture, there will be an unexpected fairy spirit.


However, white curtains also have certain disadvantages, that is, the shading effect is relatively poor. Therefore, white curtains are suitable for houses where lighting is not very strong. In addition, white curtains are not resistant to dirt and need to be cleaned frequently. Those who are afraid of trouble should consider it carefully.


Today, I will share with you the tips for choosing curtain colors. If you want custom curtains, please contact us!


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