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How To Choose Office Curtains?

The office is the place where white-collar workers spend the most time, and curtains also play a crucial role, so how should we choose? Let's have a look!

1. Choose according to the wall color

When choosing office curtains, you must first look at the color of the wall, and then choose the appropriate curtain color to make the whole style unified and coordinated. For example light yellow wall, you can choose light brown, dark brown curtains, white is also possible, because white is white, suitable for any color wall.

2, according to the choice of shading

The most basic function of curtains is to block light, it also has the function of heat insulation and privacy protection. Now office curtains are more popular with flexible dimming curtains, such as straight curtains, roller shutters, Venetian blinds, etc.

3. Choose according to the sound insulation effect

When choosing office curtains, sound insulation is an important factor to consider. Therefore, it is necessary to choose curtains with good sound-absorbing effects, such as roller blinds and Venetian blinds against the window, and the sound-absorbing effect is also very good.

4. Choose according to the pattern

Curtain patterns have a great impact on the office environment. Curtains with large patterns have a sense of contraction and are more suitable for large windows. Like a simple geometric pattern, it gives a sense of balance and is suitable for modern decoration style. The office can choose plain patterns and solid colors to make the office quieter.

5. Choose according to the ground color

When choosing office curtains, the color of the curtains can be determined according to the color of the ground. For example, red is the carpet, and you can choose colors such as pink, peach, and vermilion.

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