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How To Choose Custom Curtain Fabric?

We all know that the easy step in the pit of buying curtain fabrics in custom curtains is the accessories, but the fabrics also need to be paid attention to. Among them, the following types are commonly used as curtain fabrics. Now there are many innovative technologies. You can choose the appropriate fabric according to this article as a reference.


Embroidery: Embroidery on cloth is a common process for us. This process is superimposed on a cloth, and it costs about 10~20 yuan per meter. Machine embroidery.


Cation embossing: This process looks tall, but the cost of embossing is only 1~2 yuan each time.


Black silk shading: Black silk shading, as the name implies, has a good shading effect. If you have high requirements for light in the bedroom, you can choose fabrics with this process.


Summary points:


Flocking is not recommended to buy, but Nordic and modern simplicity are more recommended for printed cloth or cotton linen.


300~400 yuan per meter of curtain cloth (only the price of cloth), you can consider it, but it is not high in terms of cost performance. If it is a big brand, the premium must be more. Of course, if there are value-added services, it is another matter.


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