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How To Choose Curtains For New House Decoration?

Decorating a house is a very complicated matter, which involves the purchase and selection of various decoration materials. If you are not careful, you will fall into a pit, especially when choosing curtain materials. Curtains can be said to be the final stage of decoration and soft decoration. After climbing through various pits in the previous decoration, don't fall down on choosing curtains in the end!

1. How to choose curtain color and material

There are many types of curtain materials, including blended materials, flocking, cotton, polyester, and chenille.

Blended with cotton, linen, and polyester, this kind of material is relatively tight, has a good drape, and is not easy to deform and change color. It is also more convenient to clean. It can be washed directly in the washing machine after a few spins.

Another kind is made of chenille material. This kind of fabric is relatively rough and has a furry texture on the surface, so it has a strong sense of thickness and good light-shielding properties.

There is also a relatively high-end material, which is velvet and embroidery, which has a particularly good hanging effect. Some are made of real silk, and the price is even higher.

The last one is relatively cheap blackout cloth. It looks colorful, but it is actually the lowest-end material. Of course, the price is also relatively cheap.

When our general family chooses curtains, there is no need to buy too high-end ones. It is enough to choose blended fabrics, cotton, linen and polyester, and the price is not expensive and the quality is fine. If it is some temporary rented house, you can choose blackout cloth, which is cheap. If you live in a long-term house, you can choose cotton and linen blended fabrics. If you want better quality, you can choose velvet and silk.

2. What is the best material for the curtains in the living room

The curtains in the living room should be selected better. The shading performance depends on individual needs. Cotton and linen ones are fine, and a layer of gauze curtains is suitable. Usually, the curtains do not need to be drawn, and the light is not penetrated by people, which ensures privacy without shading.

Note that if it is a curtain with a shade coating, do not choose to install it in the living room or balcony, because toxic volatiles will be produced after being exposed to the sun, which is not environmentally friendly.

3. How to choose bedroom curtains

For the adult's bedroom, it is best to choose curtains with good shading properties, and choose polyester flannelette, so that it will not affect the rest. If it is a children's bedroom, don't choose a bedroom with too much shading, otherwise, the child will stay in bed and sleep late every day. If the bedroom has a bay window, it is best to install the curtains against the window, so that it does not take up space and looks more beautiful, and the remaining fabric can be used as two throw pillows.

4. How to choose kitchen and bathroom curtains

The kitchen and bathroom have windows, which are closer to neighbors. In order to ensure privacy, it is best to install curtains. For the curtains used here, you can choose roller blinds, which do not take up space and are convenient to open and close.

5. How to choose curtain accessories

The accessories for curtains include strap hooks and Roman rods. Curtains must be selected with straps, and those without straps will be damaged in two years. You can choose the s hook for the hook, and the s hook is better than the four-claw hook. The curtains installed on Roman poles will transmit light, so it is best to choose slide rails, and the slide rails should choose aluminum alloy silent tracks.

6. When will curtains start to be booked?

In fact, the choice of curtains can be booked in advance after the decoration style is determined before the decoration because it takes some time to make curtains. If the decoration is completed and then booked, the installation period will be delayed, so it is best to choose in advance.

When choosing curtains, you must calculate the size. If the floor height is less than 2.8 meters, tell the merchant clearly that you should not order width cloth, because curtains are charged by the meter, and the price difference between high cloth and wide cloth with the same folds will be doubled.

Choose double pleats if the space is more than 4 meters, and choose 1.8 times pleats if it is less than 4 meters.

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