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How To Choose Curtains For Home Improvement Is More Appropriate?

Selecting by space is a common method! There are many kinds of materials for curtains, such as cotton, linen, silk, polyester, suede, etc. If you feel that it is too complicated and it is difficult to choose, then choose the curtain material according to the properties of the room.

1. Living room curtains

The living room is the embodiment of the entire home environment, and mainly undertakes the functions of meeting guests and entertainment and leisure. If you often watch TV in the living room, the light in the living room should not be too strong. It is recommended to choose thick cotton linen or polyester curtains with light blocking and heat insulation functions.
If you want the living room to be brighter and brighter because of the occlusion of the balcony, you can choose curtains made of light-colored or light-transmitting thin cloth materials, and hollowed-out cloth is also a good choice.

2. Bedroom Curtains
Bedroom curtains can be selected according to different users. For example, the curtains in the elderly room should consider the effect of sound insulation and light blocking, because the sleep quality of the elderly is not very good, the thicker the cotton and linen curtains, the better the sound insulation and light blocking effect, and the easier cleaning and care.
Young people's bedrooms can choose fresh and natural, or vibrant curtain varieties. It can not only ensure privacy, block too harsh sunlight, but also create a refreshing visual effect. Bedroom curtains can also be selected according to the orientation of the room. For south-facing bedrooms, you can choose suede curtains with better light-blocking, heat-insulating, and sound-insulating effects; while curtains for north-facing bedrooms are relatively “casual”, as long as you pay attention to sound insulation and light blocking.

3. Study Curtains
The study does not have high requirements for privacy, so it is best to have light-colored gauze curtains that can block the light without affecting the permeability. Of course, wooden Venetian blinds, and day and night blinds are also good choices.

4. Dining Room Curtains
A well-chosen restaurant curtain can create a more warm and romantic dining atmosphere. Because most restaurants are more fashionable and simple, choosing plain curtains with good light transmittance will make the whole restaurant look very harmonious in terms of visual effects.

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