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Home Decoration Cotton And Linen Curtains Are A Good Choice

Since ancient times, simple cotton and linen fabrics have been the first choice for popular clothing, representing the oriental culture that has accumulated for thousands of years. The popularity of cotton and linen curtains is the inheritance of "cotton and linen culture". It is particularly important to choose a good curtain at home, and cotton and linen curtains are a good choices.

1. Good shading
The original purpose of curtains is to block the wind and the sun, so as to create a comfortable and hidden living space. The cotton and linen curtains are thick and heavy, which can achieve basic control of light and have a good shading effect, which is very suitable for sleeping spaces such as bedrooms.

2. Breathable and hygroscopic
Cotton and linen curtains are usually made of linen. This natural plant fiber has very good breathability and moisture absorption. Especially in the hot and sultry summer, the light is too strong if you don’t draw the curtains during the day, and you are worried that it will be too stuffy when you close the curtains.

3. Long-lasting drape
Cotton and linen curtains have a simple feel, but they also inherit the soft characteristics of cotton, with natural curvature and strong layering. Lancia Fabrics selects high-grade fabrics and undergoes a high-temperature setting process to create a smooth drape, lasting shape, elegant and durable.

4. Sound insulation and noise reduction
Noise stimuli seriously affect the quality of sleep, and even cause headaches, insomnia, and other troubles. More relevant data studies have pointed out that 90% of the external noise in a house comes from the window, and a good set of curtains can reduce the external noise by 10%-20%. The sound-absorbing effect of cotton and linen curtains is excellent, which can effectively sound insulation, reduce noise and soothe the nerves.

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