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Four Different Kinds Of Cotton And Linen Curtains

Cotton and linen curtains have many advantages, such as light blocking, heat insulation, sound insulation, moisture absorption and ventilation, which can absorb the dust in the air, play a certain role in purifying the air, and the price is also very affordable.

Moreover, the most common factory shipments are Morandi colors, which are in large quantities, mainly because the price is suitable, and it also meets the aesthetic needs of today's people.

However, in terms of practicality and functionality, curtain fabrics are not made of 100% pure linen, because linen is easy to wrinkle and is not durable, and it will be deformed after washing.

From a professional point of view, pure linen is not very suitable for curtains. Cotton and linen curtains on the market are blended with polyester and hemp, which is a very scientific production method.

Cotton and linen are also divided into many styles and price points, not all cotton and linen are the same price.

The following are the types of cotton and linen curtains:

jacquard cotton linen fabric

Most of the plain-colored cotton and linen are jacquard craftsmanship. Here we mainly talk about patterned jacquard fabrics. Such jacquard cotton and linen fabrics are mainly used for design, and they will be very colorful if they are well embellished. For example, the design of the curtain head, the distribution design of the curtain body, etc.

Printed cotton and linen fabric

It is used for printing, and it was used more in the early years. There are very few printed cotton and linen fabrics on the market now, but Mobao still sells them. The price is cheap and the quality is poor, but they are very individual and have a very different style. They are suitable for bars, bachelor apartments, etc.

Embroidered cotton and linen fabric

It has also almost disappeared, and those who buy cotton and linen curtains are basically low-to-medium consumer groups. The cost of cotton and linen plus embroidery is high, and the manufacturer cannot afford it, and the embroidery style is not suitable for most of the current decoration styles.

However, at present, the only thing that can be done in cotton and linen embroidery is the children's room series. Many bosses' children's room curtains use the best cotton and linen, and the best embroidery craftsmanship.

Blackout cotton and linen fabric

It is the most common cotton and linen curtains on the market, with many styles. We only consider the degree of shading. Not every shading cloth is 100% shading, you can also choose your favorite shading degree for each room according to your own needs.

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