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Five Common Curtain Materials And Characteristics

Regarding decoration, curtains are definitely indispensable, but you must be very distressed about the choice of curtain materials! Today, I briefly introduce five common curtain materials and their characteristics, which are available for selection. There are five common curtain materials in the market: cotton, linen, nylon, rayon, and silk.


1. Cotton


It is a natural material, woven from natural cotton, with good water absorption, good air permeability, great touch, and bright dyeing color.


The disadvantages are: easy to shrink (dry cleaning is recommended), not resistant to sunlight, and cotton fabrics are more easily damaged than other fabrics for a long time.


2. Linen


Hemp is also a natural material. The fabrics made of fibers extracted from the stems of plants are roughly divided into coarse linen and fine linen. The style of coarse linen is rough, while the fine linen is relatively delicate.


Curtains made of hemp have the natural texture of natural fibers, and natural textures, and are not easy to dye, so there are usually few colors available for natural hemp.


The design and collocation of hemp curtains tend to be more natural-style decoration, and sometimes they need to bring some small roughness, such as a small fresh style.


3. Nylon


It is made of chemical materials and is usually mixed with other materials to enhance the functionality of the fabric.


Its characteristics are: making the fabric less prone to wrinkling, mildew, and enhanced friction resistance, and at the same time, it has special functions that natural materials such as not being afraid of insects cannot have.


4. Man-made fibers


Man-made fibers are currently the most widely used materials in certain materials.


Super functional: such as sun resistance, not easy to deform, friction resistance, good dyeing, it belongs to mixing with other natural materials to enhance function and life.


5. Silk


It is also a purely natural material, a fabric made of silk cocoons.


Its characteristics are: silk is bright and bright, smooth to the touch, and has a very noble feeling. Shaman is often made of silk.


But pure silk is more expensive, and there are more mixed silks on the market now, which have enhanced functionality, long life, and slightly cheaper prices.


I hope this content can be helpful to you. If you have a need for custom blackout curtains, please contact us!


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