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Finished Curtains Vs Custom Curtains

Today's curtains are no longer just objects that block light and shadows, but also works of art that highlight personal taste and designer inspiration. People are no longer constrained by a single pure white or black, but try to add to the curtains. More appreciation elements, but also more pursuit of its practicality. Curtains play a rich role in our lives and are inseparable from our lives. Today I will take you to know about finished curtains and custom curtains.

What are finished curtains?

Curtains that fit most window sizes can be hung as long as you choose the style and pay for them on the spot. You don't have to pay a long wait, and you don't need to worry about various mistakes in the customization process. For standardized and industrialized mass production of curtains, the price of standardized curtains is 30%-45% lower than that of customized curtains under the premise of using the same fabric, the same process standards, and the same size. In this way, changing curtains in domestic families can also be as simple and convenient as changing sheets and clothes.

What are custom curtains?

There are many varieties, you can choose according to your own needs; the price is expensive; custom curtains, from the selection of fabrics, styles, orders, customization, and installation, you can do according to your own ideas.

The advantages of finished curtains: high-cost performance; meet the consumer demand for simple, stylish and fast; reduce operating costs; easy and convenient installation, ready to install.

Golden Rabbit Curtains are cost-effective, and the curtains have a gentle texture and hang crisply, which can be said to be of great value. Custom curtains are professional and at the same time well explain the purpose of making curtains with hearts. For custom curtains, please contact China Custom Thick Curtains Manufacturers.

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