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Fabric Curtain Product Introduction

Curtains are home textile products that are used in every household. Let's take a look at the classification and details of curtains.
Classification of curtains can be divided into roller blinds, pleat blinds, vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds according to their appearance and functions.

1. The roller blind can be retracted freely. It can be divided into man-made fiber roller blinds, wooden sunburned roller blinds, and bamboo roller blinds.
Among them, artificial fiber roller blinds are woven with special technology, which can pass through strong sunlight radiation, improve the quality of indoor light, and have the functions of anti-static and fire prevention.

2. Folding blinds can be divided into Venetian blinds, day and night blinds, honeycomb blinds, and pleated blinds according to their functions. Among them, the honeycomb curtain has a sound-absorbing effect, and the day and night curtain can have any effect between light-transmitting and opaque.

3. Vertical curtains can be divided into aluminum curtains and man-made fiber curtains according to their different fabrics.

4. Venetian blinds are generally divided into wooden louvers, aluminum louvers, bamboo louvers, etc. The biggest feature of the blinds is that different angles of light can be adjusted arbitrarily so that the natural light in the room is full of changes.

Fabric curtains have been the main body of window art decoration for many years, and will still be the mainstream trend in the future, only in terms of fabrics and forms. People began to pursue the natural and simple feeling in home furnishing, so some curtains such as reed curtains, wooden curtains, and other materials appeared.

1. Fabric curtains can be divided into printed cloth, dyed cloth, yarn-dyed cloth, jacquard cloth, and other printed cloths according to their fabrics and crafts. for dyed cloth,
Dyeing cloth: The color dyed with a single color on the white gray cloth is called dyeing cloth, and its characteristics are: elegant and natural.
Yarn-dyed fabric: According to the needs of the pattern, first classify and dye the gauze, and then interweave to form a color pattern to become yarn-dyed fabric.
Jacquard printed cloth: The combination of jacquard and printing is called jacquard-colored cloth.

2. The fabrics of fabric curtain colors include pure cotton, linen, polyester, and silk, and they can also be mixed and woven from concentrated materials. Cotton fabrics are soft and feel good; hemp fabrics have a good drape and a strong sense of texture; silk fabrics are noble and gorgeous, and they are made of 100% natural silk. Its natural, rough, elegant, and strong sense of layering has become the most fashionable product in the year; the polyester fabric is scratchy, bright in color, does not fade, and does not shrink.

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