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Eight Principles To Pay Attention To When Buying Curtains

Curtains were not chosen properly, hundreds of thousands of decorations were all in vain, and there were a lot of online strategies, all of which were useless nonsense. If you believe it, you are stepping on the pit. Today, I will give you a summary of the eight points when buying curtains.

1. The pricing method of curtains, for ordinary commercial housing, fixed-height cloth is more cost-effective than fixed-width cloth. Many people do not understand what it means. The height of the curtains is set to be 2.8 meters. As long as the installation height of the curtains is within 2.8 meters, only the width can be calculated. The fixed-width cloth is only suitable for relatively high curtains such as empty villas and self-built houses.

2. Regarding the folds of the curtains, someone told you that 1.8 times is enough. If it exceeds, it will fool you and make more money. The standard folds of the curtains are doubled. The higher the multiple, the more three-dimensional the curtains will look, and the ones smaller than one meter five will look good if they are made 2.3 times.

1.8 times and then throwing off the seams on both sides, the multiple is not enough, no matter how high-grade fabrics look cheap, take a four-meter bay as an example, 1.8 times and twice are only 0.8 meters of cloth. Only ten dollars, money is not so economical.

3. Don’t listen to the 100% exposure rate. Most of them have a silver coating. After direct sunlight, there will be a great irritating odor. The formaldehyde is seriously exceeding the standard. In fact, even a bedroom does not need a 100% shading rate. . Making our state more soothing is good for our health. The refractive index of 85% is already very suitable for sleep, and polyester or flannel for the bedroom is very good.

Choose cotton and linen in the living room, no shading, good air permeability, and more texture. If you want to make a high-end feeling, you must match the light-transmitting gauze curtain. Don't choose velvet, pilling and jumping silk, you Just use phantom yarn or diamond yarn, which has high density, good drape, and scratch resistance. If you have kittens at home, dogs are not afraid of scratching.

4. No matter whether you hang the ceiling or not, the curtain box must be done well. This is a thing that costs a small amount of money but has a special effect. Otherwise, you can't solve the problem of light leakage from the exposed Roman poles in the later period. What is the most suitable width for the curtain box? The recommended size is 18 cm for a single layer, 25 cm for a double layer, 23 cm for a single layer, and 30 cm for a double layer.

5. The curtain rails want to be pulled smoothly, without the thorns of the back and forth switch. If you choose an aluminum alloy mute slide with a thickness of more than two millimeters, it is a few dollars more expensive per meter, and the grade is improved by more than a little.

6. If the merchant asks you to do high-temperature styling, it is really unnecessary. It costs more and the effect is unnatural. Match it with the modern minimalist cream style that is popular now. The natural sagging effect is more textured.

7. Newly bought curtains must not be installed directly. Formaldehyde is involved in the process of dyeing and wrinkle removal. After soaking, cleaning and drying, most of the formaldehyde residues can be removed. If you feel that it is inconvenient to clean by yourself, you can send it to the laundry. That's the money for washing a coat, and it's more secure to use.

8. Knowing how to choose materials is not enough. Most people will overturn the color matching. The biggest misunderstanding of color matching is to try to match the color of the bedside background wall or bed as much as possible, because they are different materials and textures.

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