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Different moods brought by different styles of curtains

Some people compare the windows to the "eyes" of the living room, and then the curtains are equivalent to the "eyelashes" that protect and adorn the "eyes". It can not only shade and soundproof the "eyes", but also beautify the room, allowing the room to show the personality and taste of the owner.
Hue means more: To choose the color of curtains, you should first understand the meanings represented by various colors. For example, warm colors (orange, red, yellow and other colors) give people a warm, gorgeous, unrestrained and warm atmosphere; cool colors (blue, purple and other colors) will make people feel elegant, quiet and mysterious, and will make the indoor environment more harmonious. Cool and pleasant, suitable for summer use. In spring and autumn, neutral colors can generally be used, such as coffee, dark green, violet, lake green and other colors are better, appearing stable and smooth.
The light varies from person to person: For a north-facing room with dark light, if you hang red maroon and yellow curtains, the narrow room will become spacious, bright and elegant, giving people a sense of comfort and freshness. For the south-facing main room, sky blue and light blue window curtains with drawn and carved patterns can be hung, which can adjust the strong indoor light into slender and soft diffused light, which can not only block the scorching sun, but also play the role of shading and evacuating the heat. Keep the brightness in the room and make the room look peaceful. It can also be selected according to the balance of physiology and psychology. Because different colors will produce different psychological effects. For example, for people with irritable temperament, you should choose light green curtains, which can relax your nerves and stabilize emotions; for people with high blood pressure and heart disease, choose light blue curtains, which can lower blood pressure and stabilize pulse.
Matching depends on the environment: when choosing based on the size of the room and the color of the furniture, you can look at the color of the floor and the color of the curtains. You should pay attention to the harmony between the floor and the furniture. If the floor is made of red wood, the curtains should be in colors such as pink, vermilion, and peach. Generally speaking: red and green, blue and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple are not harmonious, and should not be used together. Otherwise, spending money to buy it is not satisfactory, and it will lose the meaning of matching curtains. For families with green plants outside the window, only the side curtains should be left, so that the scenery outside the window and the interior can reflect each other. Sometimes when the breeze is blowing, the curtains will dance in the air, fully showing its natural beauty. If a curtain box is placed above the curtains, the main body of the entire window will be more beautiful and rich. It not only adds to the beautiful curtains, but also has the functions of dustproof and cleaning, which is pleasing to the eyes and mind.

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