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Curtain Installation Curtain Rod Or Curtain Box?

Inconspicuous in the decoration, it is also the most direct element "curtain" that affects the theme. In fact, the selection of curtains is also a major key. A good curtain can improve the quality and beauty of the home, but most of us often only pay attention to the selection of curtain styles and styles but ignore the way of hanging curtains.

There are two common ways to install curtains: curtain rods and curtain boxes, what are the two, their advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better to install.

curtain rod

A curtain rod refers to the decorative rod that fixes the top of the curtain, and the Roman rod is commonly used, and the main materials are solid wood, aluminum alloy, iron art, etc. And they are mainly green, inexpensive, and artistic.

Advantages: various styles, different styles, simple installation, long service life, and easy cleaning, it is the choice of most people now.

Disadvantages: It is not very smooth when pulling the curtains, the noise is relatively loud, and it is easy to accumulate dust, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

curtain box

The curtain box refers to the composition of the track and the pulley. The curtain head is hidden in the curtain box. It is generally used in combination with the ceiling, which can improve the overall decoration effect of the space.

Advantages: The curtain box can be pulled up more smoothly, the noise is relatively small, it can prevent dimming, and the curtain head of the curtain can be hidden without affecting the appearance.

Disadvantages: The style is single, and the installation process is more complicated. It needs to be designed together with it on the ceiling, otherwise,  the size is easy to fit, and it is inconvenient to disassemble and wash.

Whether we install curtain rods or curtain boxes, we all need to set out according to the style of our own house, whether it has the unity of style, so that the final effect will be more beautiful and harmonious.

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