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Choosing Curtains In Winter Is Also Stressful

Looking at the falling temperature line every day reminds me that winter is really here. At this time, I just want to wrap up the quilt, so that the family is fully armed to resist the cold air. Today, we will focus on what kind of curtains we choose to light up the cold environment this winter. As expected, we should change our home into "winter clothes" inside and out in winter!

PART 1 - Recommended Materials

The tactile here refers to the material of the curtains. As we all know, there are many kinds of materials for making curtains.

However, due to the cold air in winter, the best choice for curtain materials is cotton, linen, velvet, polyester, etc., which give people a warm feeling and are easy to clean. Like gauze curtains or wooden curtains, they are not suitable for winter and will make people feel cold unconsciously.


Among these materials, it is obvious that the warmth retention of velvet curtains is second to none, the plush touch is full of warmth, and it looks very thick, especially safe. However, velvet curtains are generally suitable for European style, mainly luxurious decoration style, and the price is slightly higher than other materials.

Imitation cashmere

The high-quality imitation cashmere emerging in the international soft clothing industry can bring different softness and upright cashmere texture. This kind of fabric is more suitable for general household collocation. It is one of the best choices for winter curtains. It has both the texture details of cotton and linen fabric and the soft waxy drape of flannelette.

High Precision Chenille

The chenille fabric feels nice and comfortable to the touch. The most intuitive thing is that the fabric is very strong and the verticality is very good. It's soft and plump. It not only has the touch of cashmere but also has the texture of hemp on the surface. Chenille curtains can be made into various exquisite patterns and patterns, and the overall look is high-end and gorgeous.

PART 2 - Recommended collocation

It is suitable to choose thick and warm fabrics, such as flocking, wool, etc., which can effectively block the cold outside and ensure the warmth and comfort of the room. At the same time, it is recommended to add a window screen to diffuse sunlight into the room and form a layered sense of curtains.

Generally, a small space should adopt a simple style, so as not to make the space appear more localized and narrowed, because of the complexity of the curtains; relatively speaking, a larger space is more suitable for a generous and delicate curtain style, which plays a role in decorating the room. effective effect.

PART 1 - Color System

The vision includes two aspects of color and style. First of all, let's talk about the color selection of winter curtains. The essence is to choose those colors that can make people feel warm, and the colors of warm colors can be considered emphatically.

Light colors can also be chosen, cold colors will not be considered, it will lead to cold and cold, bright colors such as orange red, bright yellow, and other colors can also bring sunshine-like warmth to people.

PART2 - collocation suggestion

The choice of color should also be determined according to the main color of the whole area. Deviations from dominant colors can confuse the subject. Similarly, the style of curtains also needs to be determined according to the overall decoration style. After all, if you see European-style velvet curtains in a modern minimalist style, the scene must be very confusing.

It is also necessary to adjust the choice of curtains according to different areas. Bedroom curtains pay more attention to sunshade and sound insulation, and are very suitable for materials such as cotton and linen; for the living room, appropriate transparency is necessary, so cotton curtains and gauze curtains are common collocations.

The battle for winter wind is undoubtedly a protracted battle. These curtains keep the house warm from the cold outside and maintain the temperature inside. Get ready soon. We are a professional China custom curtains factory, if you are interested in our products, please contact us.

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