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Characteristics And Materials Of Cotton Linen Curtains

In this home whose decoration style tends to be Nordic style or modern minimalist style, the most suitable one is the plain cotton linen curtains with fashionable, classic and fresh literary qualities, which are simple and transparent, soft and quiet, and hang up fairy Fairy feeling.


A plain cotton and linen curtain, just like the "angel-like pure soul" in your aesthetic taste.


Cotton and linen blended blackout curtains, thickened material, about 1000 grams per meter, 20% rayon content, full of cotton on the surface, environmentally friendly physical shading.


With a shading rate of about 90%, there will be a gap of about 10% between light and dark shading effects. The darker the color, the better the shading effect. Effectively block the sun, heat insulation, and shading.


Suitable for simple Nordic style, American country style, modern minimalist mix, and match style. It is not only suitable for the minimalist Nordic style, as well as the simple and natural modern Chinese style, but also can be matched with the simple Japanese style without printing, and can also hold the atmosphere and the American style with a little leisure.


There are various colors, and different color splicing, it can also bring more changing style characteristics.


Although there will be a slight shrinkage of 1-2% after washing, it also proves that the natural content of cotton can be restored by ironing or hanging the curtains after shrinking.


The soft and simple style, placed in the classical space, has an elegant softness, and the natural drape of cotton and linen adds a touch of romance and tranquility to the space.


Cotton and linen curtains are made of natural linen, not imitation linen. Due to the semi-shading feature, it not only allows you to enjoy the natural sunlight but also ensures privacy.


The blend of high-quality cotton, linen, and viscose fiber, the unique touch and color of natural fabrics, and the natural drape, make the room full of natural and fresh feeling.


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